Update on prac

Hi all

Just a quick update on my prac now that the second week has almost come to a close. I am having a great time and learning a lot. My mentor teacher is really supportive and I have really enjoyed working with her. As I mentioned in another blog post, my past mentor teachers have taken  over the behaviour management side of teaching, which is great at the time but you don’t learn anything from it. This time I have been able to take over the behaviour management which has been really good. Although the school is really lovely and there is barely any behaviour issues.

During this prac I am teaching a year 9 English class, year 10 History and year 11 English. This has been my first time teaching History although it is one of my majors and I have really enjoyed it. I have also been teaching poetry for year 11 English. This was something I was very anxious about because I have never taught it before and it has never been my strong point but it has been going really well, with the assistance of my mentor.

Its been a busy couple of weeks, lots of planning, lots of drafting and still three assignments due the Monday after prac, as well as having two little kids at home but its been a really great prac so far.

Talk to you soon



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